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THE WORKS "It's more that just a tune-up....... $189.95"

    Our Factory Certified service team will perform:

  1. A multi-point check list
  2. Filter replacement
  3. Fluid maintenance service
  4. Ignition maintenance
  5. Engine speed adjustment
  6. Lube maintenance service
  7. Wheel and tire maintenance
  8. Blade maintenance service
  9. Cleaning and removing debris
  10. Battery maintenance
  11. Included Parts

    Engine tune-up parts (oil, oil filter, air cleaner, pre-cleaner, fuel filter and spark plug/s), fluids up to one quart for topping off transmission, coolant system, and hydraulic system, two cans of Tru-Fuel if fuel flush is required, Plus NEW BLADES*

  12. *Note: Blades supplied With THE WORKS are manufactured by Oregon Outdoor Products the makers of the "Gator Blade". Old blades will not be returned. If replacement blades are not available through our source of supply for your make and model, your blades will be sharpened instead of replaced.

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