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THE WORKS "It's more that just a tune-up....... $189.95"

    Our Factory Certified service team will perform:

  1. A multi-point check list
    We inspect key components that may need attention, now, before they become a major problem. You will be provided with a check list of inspected components and a quote for any addition repairs if necessary. .
  2. Filter replacement
    replacing oil, fuel, air and transmission filters protects the engine, fuel system and transmission from contaminant that will cause severe damage to internal components.
  3. Fluid maintenance service
    change or replenishes oil that is broken down, contaminated and burned, restores proper lubrication and cooling required by the engine, transmission and other components. Also includes, treatment or replacement of contaminated or stale fuel .
  4. Ignition maintenance
    Performing a spark plug analysis reveals the running condition of the engine. Replacing the spark plug and setting it to the proper gap will provide a more complete combustion to deliver more power, save fuel, reduce emissions.
  5. Engine speed adjustment
    When set to the factory specification it increases engine life and performance, allows charging system to operate at it full capacity improving battery life, sets proper blade speed providing a smoother cut and allows the mower to travel at the correct speed.
  6. Lube maintenance service
    lubricate fittings and pivot points reducing ware and seizure of components such as front axle, wheels, steering, mower deck and drive train.
  7. Wheel and tire maintenance
    adjust tire pressure and plug repairable tire punctures helps maintains a level cut, improves traction, and reduces ware on the steering gear, linkages and other steering components.
  8. Blade maintenance service
    Replace or sharpen and balance blades improves the quality of cut, reduces the load on engine and fuel consumption and prevents excessive vibration that can cause server damage to deck shell, spindle and other deck components.
  9. Cleaning and removing debris
    Removing debris buildup from components such as the engine, mowing deck and battery. This prevents overheating and corrosion, increasing the life of the engine and battery and improving mower deck performance.
  10. Battery maintenance
    Test the state of the battery's charge and capacity, recharge battery to 100%, clean top of battery, clean terminals and apply a sealant extends the life of the battery, reduces the load on the charging system and delivers mower power to the starter.
  11. Included Parts

    Engine tune-up parts (oil, oil filter, air cleaner, pre-cleaner, fuel filter and spark plug/s), fluids up to one quart for topping off transmission, coolant system, and hydraulic system, up to one half gallon of treated non-ethanol fuel if fuel flush is required and New Blades*

  12. *Note: Blades supplied With THE WORKS are manufactured by Oregon Outdoor Products the makers of the "Gator Blade". Old blades will not be returned. If replacement blades are not available through our source of supply for your make and model, your blades will be sharpened instead of replaced.

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